First treatment example

This example shows a 46 years old female patient harboring an intramedullary breast cancer metastasis at the level of C2 (left image). She was experiencing a life threatening disease with a beginning complete paralysis. Patient was treated by a 1 hour single session radiosurgical cyberknife procedure.

4 weeks after cyberknife treatment the tumor was not visible anymore (right image). The patient had a good quality of life and walked out of the outpatient department on her own feet. 

Second treatment example

The left image shows a tumor of the lung before Cyberknife treatment. A small (5 mm) fiducial was implanted for real time breath triggered robotic treatment. The right image shows the result 2 weeks after the single session Cyberknife procedure. The tumor is already reduced in size and shows a central necosis.

Tumorrückgang Zeit nach Cyberknife

Third treatment example

The left image shows a MRI of the liver with a metastasis of colon cancer. The next image shows the corresponding PET-CT image with the biologic tumor response. The right image shows the MRI 8 weeks after single session breath-triggered Cyberknife treatment. The tumor is dead (central necrosis) and only a minimal surrounding tissue reaction is detected.

Tumorbild Cyberknife-Bestrahlung

Fourth treatment example

Metastasis from renal cancer in the lateral aspects of the lumbar vertebra L2. The left image shows the lesion on axial PET-CT taken before spinal radiosurgery. The right image was taken 6 months later. Complete remission of the metastasis and re-calcification of the pedicle tissue is obvious.

Bildgebung Metastase Verlauf nach CK

Fifth treatment example

This treatment example shows an AVM (arterio-venous malformation) in the case of a 15 years old patient before (left image) and 14 months after the Cyberknife procedure (right image). The AVM could be completely occluded by a single session procedure.

Verlauf nach Cyberknife-Behandlung AVM

Sixth treatment example

The left image shows MRI scans of a patient harboring 2 brain metastases of a lung carcinoma. Both tumors were treated in a 1 hour treatment session using Cyberknife radiosurgery. The right image shows the first MRI control 4 months after treatment. Both tumors are completely eliminated and the patient went to work on the next day after outpatient radiosurgery.

Radiochirurgische Behandlung Hirnmetastasen

Seventh treatment example

The Cyberknife treatment of the uveal melanoma was established in our Center. The above example shows the tumor treated with a single Cyberknife session (left). 16 months later the control CT scan reveals only a small scar tissue remnant (right).

Kopftumor Rückgang

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